Have Yourself A Merry Little Mythmas

Fröhliches Mythmas euch allen!!! Ich hoffe, euch gefällt die Parodie von "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"! Songtext unten.

Hi Jaclyn. Hi Eric.
Shall we? Let’s do it!
Have yourself a merry little mythmas
c’mon don’t be shy
Do your part to help us propagate a lie.
It’s a good one isn’t it?
uh huh. Wow.

Have yourself a merry little mythmas
make the Yuletide gay
If your son is please make sure he’s locked away!

Lots of songs about Santa Claus you can gather round and sing...
Teach your kids to believe in him, and they’ll fall for anything!

Have yourself a merry little mythmas
Kill another tree
That’s ok, God made the special just for me!
Didn’t he though? He sure did! He’s cool. Yeah

Let’s camp outside Walmart 'til Black Friday
Line up by the door
I’ll trample you to get the next playstation 4

Krishna, Mithra, and Horus
Dionysus too
Were so kind to be plagiarized by the world’s most famous Jew

Through the years we’ll silence all the heathens
If the courts allow
Meanwhile God will pay my credit cards somehow!
But have yourself a merry little mythmas now =)

Thanks Jaclyn.
Merry Mythmas
You too!


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